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Founded in 1842, the Jackson Plantation was actually the second of three plantations developed by Major Abner Jackson. Originally known as "Lake Place," it was a bustling sugar plantation that stretched over 6400 acres and was worked by over 80 slaves. At one time, Major Jackson was the second largest owner of slaves in Brazoria County. Major Jackson passed away in 1861 at the start of the Civil War. His four sons joined in the confederate fight, but only two returned home. Soon afterwards in 1866, a grizzly family feud over the Jackson Plantation ensued and ended in murder.

This State Antiquities Landmark has revealed the true history of sugar plantations in Brazoria County. Come discover for yourself the sugar making process of the 1840s, how convict labor replaced slave labor during the 1870s, and how destructive the hurricane of 1900 truly was. 
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